Sunday, September 8, 2013

Learning to pipe of the non smoking kind.

Vanilla cupcake

My hydrangea cupcakes was piped following steps from Rosie Cake-Diva

This week I went into full speed ahead trying to cram in piping tutorials and shopping for tips and baking tools. A little disappointed on the limited stock in Wagga. However all is not lost. I bought some things online from the lovely Janice at

My meringue powder came damaged, opened with powder all over the box and she is sending me a replacement soon. In the meantime I decided to make other flavoured frosting. I made cupcakes for work and thought the guys would love a strong flavour like Mocha, coffee based for the chocolate cupcakes. Then I thought Nicole might like some purple coloured flowers and learnt via YouTube how to do two tone piping. It was mind numbing..... this gal has no skills or talent in the baking department, let alone piping!

And SUCCESS!!! comes to those who study hard, and believe me I was studying like for an exam!

I am not going to include recipes for this post, it's just a simple vanilla and choc cupcakes. This was more for my piping exercises. The frosting for the choc cupcakes are Mocha and for the vanilla cupcakes was lemon cream cheese frosting with purple colour paste.

Choc cupcakes
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