Sunday, April 14, 2013


For my birthday, I decided that I was going to make onigiri for lunch. I thought that, it would be a piece of cake, how hard can it be? Rolling some sushi rice into a ball shape and then slapping on some seaweed. Boy! Was I ever so wrong? My kitchen is a mess, it's hillarious! Aisshhhhh! At least, I can laugh at myself, I am such a clown!

It was damn hard, okay... I got rice in between my fingers, in my hair, on the floor, in the sink, even the furkid was helping me by eating the rice that had fallen to the floor. What a good puppy!

To my Japanese and non Japanese foodies that do this RESPECT to you on these tasks.

So I committed the great foodie sin (cheat) of compacting everything into a Chinese rice bowl and turned it upside down on a plate! True story!

Amateur Onigiri

Recipe are from Japanese rice balls

All ingedients can be purchased locally from any supermarket.


Aplogies for the over the top styling ;) I missed Japan and really wanted to be there for the Cherry Blossom season this year but alas, that was not possible. Fingers and toes crossed and prayers that I can get make it for Koyo 2013.

Until then, must keep saving... OMG!!! Leave me some sake guys, don't drink it all!!


{Tokyo Encounter is from Lonely Planet... money is all mine....hehehheeheh ;) How many yakitori can I buy with that???}

Stay safe Japan. See you soon!

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