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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oh hai, remember me?

Just a short note to let my followers know that I haven't abandoned my food blog, it's just been neglected at the moment whilst I am obsessed with sewing and travel plans.

The sewing was a renewed interest from school days when we had to do sewing and cooking in Home Economics class. I was terrible at sewing, my lines were always crooked as I couldn't control the speed of the sewing machine. I had terrible motor skills with my hand and leg co-ordination. Cooking, at least saved me from failing that entire subject all together. I didn't do too bad in embroidery, but I was a terrible bleeder! My poor fingers and hands and blood stained projects! I was probably given some mercy marks by the kind teacher on the account of my blood stained projects.

This is what I have been doing the last month. It started due to my lack of summer skirts in my wardrobe and being the cheapskate that I am, I refused to pay $80 for a skirt! That is just crazy! I started making simple gathered skirt. You can Google and get free tutorials and patterns online. I am a fast leaner when it is something that would benefit me or of interest to me. Other times, I am too old to retain data :)

I am still baking and cooking, although not so much now that the weather has heated up. I am reduced to having quick salads just because I don't have time, for anything else. I am getting ready to go to on another holiday and is a little apprehensive about falling sick overseas! Remember Bangkok, back in May? I was bedridden for the rest of my holiday from Day 3 and then some when I came home. So devastated that I didn't get to do much in Thailand.

Prep-ping for Japan means that I am having healthy juice, wholesome meals and walking exercises to keep fit for my many walking tours around the city and outskirts. I planned on a 3 day side trip to Kyoto to visit temples and to photograph the autumn leaves during the "Koyo" season.

I also plan on fabric hunting while I am there and obviously non-stop eating and bar hopping for sakes and pub menus. I love Japan and it's been ever so long since my last visit as a cabin crew. I missed travelling in general. But Japan has always been one of my favourite places to visit and it has taken me this long to save up for it, only because I keep getting sidetracked to other Asian countries and mainly to wait for Daz to finish high school so he can come along. I wanted him to experience other cultures and sights and remembers his holidays before he gets too "old" to travel with his mum ;)

He is growing up too fast for my liking. He is spending more time with his friends than with his old mum. I have to let go soon, I expect. Next year, he will be in Uni and has to stay home for his studies while Mum gallivant solo across Asia on a foodie grail again.
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