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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Taro Puffs

Taro puffs is one of my favourite thing to eat at Yum Cha. Even though I am not a fan of the pork, I will make an exception for these puffs. And that is saying a lot, when I don't even make exception for sui mais. ( another steamed dumpling, like wontons that has pork). I would eat chicken or seafood dumplings and avoid the pork items whenever I go yumcha.

I have always been fascinated by the outer layer of these taro puffs. I would scratched my head in wonderment, "how do they make the puffs to look like honeycomb pastries?" It is so intricate! Like lace. What kind of sorcery is this? How do I do this magic?? I want this power!!  :)

Then I discovered a recipe on YouTube, hahahahhah and low and behold, today I am trying that recipe. So here goes nothing.  Please go to her blog for recipe ingredients. I have doubled the ingredients to make mine, because I am greedy :)

First, I made the charsiu meat fillings for the dumplings.

Then I steamed one whole taro and smashed it and mixed it with the wheat starch mixes and butter.

And then I pounded on it, like my life depended on it! And finally, fast forward a few steps don't need me to show you a photo of me deep frying these, .....tada.....  a deep fried Taro Puff!

Taro Puffs

Yumcha to me!! Happy happy dance!!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Chicken Char Siu Bao

I saw a Char Siu Bao post on friend's time on Facebook, couple days ago and it got stuck in my head for a while. Then I saw this recipe online and thought, "oh what the heck! let's do this." It's not like I can go Yum Cha and ask for chicken bao. They will laugh their head off at me.

You would normally get this steamed or baked in pork, not chicken at Yum Chas. I don't like or eat pork, not really. I do like crispy bacon and smoked ham, only because they have been smoked, and they don't taste like pork and I don't see that shiny bouncy gel like fat shimmering at me. Argh!

So without further ado, the recipes are on the link above. I love Christine's website, she has a lot of easy Chinese recipes if you are a fan of Chinese food. For myself, I prefer Malay food, the spicier, the better.

Here are some of my photos of the making of the bao in my kitchen. Easy, right? Those of you who don't want to spend hours in the kitchen, can follow me.

  1. Buy your ready made char siu from a Chinese grocer or shop; your choice of pork or chicken etc
  2. Buy a bottle of charsiu sauce and sautee the veges with diced chicken and sauce. 
  3. The dough on the other hand, no easy way out, you can't buy it, you have to follow the recipe to make your own. It's not hard. And it taste delicious!

Chicken Charsiu Bao

Chicken Charsiu Bao

Chicken Charsiu Bao

Charsiu Bao

Ta da.... all done!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Folding Wontons

Easter Sunday 31 March 2013, the day I decided to conquer my fear of folding wontons.

There is a story to this fear. As I recalled, the last time I folded one, was in my teen years in my Mum's kitchen and I had failed miserably with all contents falling out from a torn wrapper. I was devastated. For me, it was a validation that I am more like a Malay than a Chinese person! This does not helped me at all, with my not liking to eat pork already and Mum always teasing me that I am not Chinese.

Obviously, I am not Malay, I just prefer to eat spicy Malaysian dishes more, to the mild boring plain old Chinese meals. Given a choice of Laksa or Sweet and sour pork, I would grabbed the Laksa. And this is why I never learnt to cook proper Chinese meals and hence why I failed to fold a wonton! What Chinese child does not know how to fold a wonton?? It is a disgrace, at least in my eyes!!! Hahhahahahaha, needless to say I have never tried again till this day.

So why? Why put myself in this situation again? To face yet another failure? Was I up to this challenge? No, I was scared shitless...BUT I was BORED!!

So here goes nothing. I didn't really have much to lose.

[And so I laughed at you, "you stupid little tiny wrappers! I am not scared of you.. I shall succeed and if not, Meh!!! There's Tassie.... he'll like the mince meat for dinner.. (the furkid in the house)"]

Crazy much? Absolutely.. This is what happens, when I get stuck in the that same level in Candy Crush... Argh!!

For my wonton fillings, I used these below.

Ingredients for Wontons


Chicken Mince
Chopped scallions
Salt and Pepper
I teaspoon Minced garlic
1 TBspoon Soy sauce
I packet wonton wrappers
Water for sealing the wrappers

Method: I followed a youtube video. I found this instruction to be the easiest to understand.

Wonton Fillings

Making wontons

You can deep fry these for an afternoon snack, or served as an appetiser with hot chilli oil sauce or you can add these wontons to soups or noodles. So many great things to use it with. I am so glad that I attempted this again, many years later.

So there... in my mouth, yo!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Yumcha @East Ocean, Sydney

This post is mainly going to be a food porn as I don't really know much about or have much experience in yumcha. I met up with Shierly and Dex and his lovely wife Ella for lunch during my Sydney weekend getaway. Shierly suggested we do yumcha at East Ocean Restaurant in Chinatown Sydney.

It was so nice to finally meet up with my fellow foodies, it's like catching up with your long lost friends; even though we tweet each other and have our daily banter on Twitter ;)

Let's start with these pics, I was looking at these while I was waiting for them, wow, these are massive.. scary huh?

It was a fantastic spread and Ella did well in ordering. I love it the fried squid and siew mai and prawns dumpling. I didn't know how to eat the chicken feet so I left that alone. I was going "oooh and ahhh" to all the little dishes layout in front of me...yes I only get let off the island once a year ... Just kidding!

You need friends to go yumcha with, and friends I do have but we don't have any place in Wagga Wagga that does yumcha or Dim Sum despite the amount of Chinese Restaurants in town...LAME!!! Sigh! Wished they get on the bandwagon and start doing Yumcha.. it's not just for the Asians, you know! This place was jammed packed with tourist, foreigners and Asians alike.

Oh why am I so deprived? LOL....

East Ocean on Urbanspoon

East Ocean
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