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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Taekwondowon, Muju

Our next stop was Taekwondowon at Muju. We left Suwon in the evening to arrive into the night at Muju. Dinner was a simple affair and a quick one, we soon checked into our accommodation at Taekwondowon. My first impression was that, the grounds looks like a University campus, it has building blocks with school halls, dining area, administration office and rooms for boarding students.

We got given our room key and headed straight to bed as it was getting late. The rooms were like a hotel room with private en suite, a large flat screen telly and there was a modem for wifi hotspot. My room has a balcony that opens up to view the mountain behind us.

In the morning, straight after breakfast, we boarded the campus bus to head up to the Observatory for a photo session. The group hiked up to the top. I stayed behind on lower ground. The hike was too steep and taxing on me. I was very disappointed with myself for failing the hike, and that the funicular car was not operating that day. I would have love to get that shot from the stop. Just to give an idea of the place we visited, here is their promotional video from YouTube channel. Hours and operation are on this link

We were invited to view the Taekwondo performance after our photo session. It was heart stopping and mesmerizing! It was such an incredible performance. I got a bit teary eyed! I have never experienced such intense pride and happiness till now. I am not Korean, but at that precise moment, I wanted to be one after witnessing such passion and pride in the moving performance. This is an experience not to be missed if you are visiting Korea.


After Muju, we ate an epic Bibimbap lunch in Jeonju. We also stopped in Gwangju, to make our own traditional writing papers and made our own Korean crafts. We continued on to Juknokwon, to the Damyang Bamboo Forest. That place reminds me of Sagano Bamboo Forest in Kyoto. Till my next post, Kimchiiiiiiiiiiii!! Keep smiling!
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