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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kuih Pie Tee

I bought the yambeans aka jicama aka sengkuang from Paddy's Market in Sydney. It was so ninja of me to find it ;) I wanted to make some pie tee but could never find yambeans at the local shops.

I really enjoyed making these, it sure brings back memories of my mum and I, late at night, in the kitchen making what seems like thousands of top hat cases for my convent school fete in Sungai Petani. Mum was a trooper making these for me to sell at school. I can't even remember now what the fundraising was for... was it for the new school hall for Father Barres' Convent? Meh, all I know was there was lots of pie tees eaten that day.

I made these today with dried prawn meat ( hae bee) but if you are feeling generous and for special occasion, you can add crab meat to it... super scrumptous I tell ya ;) Perfect finger party food!

Here are the photos ;) I really had fun making these, it was tedious, my top hats are oddly shaped but they taste fabulous...I inhaled six after my photo shoot.

You can find the recipe here at

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