About Me

Hmmmm...how to describe me as a foodie? I eat with my eyes, and my eyes are always too big for my stomach! I love my food, constantly hungry. I am that crazy Asian auntie that can't stop taking photos of food.

I love to travel and being an ex cabin crew for Singapore Airlines, I can't shake off this travel bug. Please feel free to sponsor me as you know that I will promote you like mad in return and it's a known fact that I will spend heaps in your country just from eating alone!!! hehehe ;)

I am not a Chef, I have no qualifications in the kitchen. I used resources from the Internet for recipes and learn from my trials and error. My mother is a great cook, I inherited her love of cooking, however my talent for cooking pales in comparison to her's. I can only try to imitate her. Have I told you of my talent in eating?

This is my Bio on Twitter

"Hawker Food Hustler, Chilli Queen, Professional Eater, Beer Guzzler. President of Bubblies. Black Belt in Desserts. Amateur food photographer. Kitchen Ninja"

You can contact me via ............... but first.....

As much as I would love to hear from everyone, I especially detest unsolicited emails, such as those unaddressed from press media releases. I do not accept written post for products. I write what I like from my experiences, and all my views and comments are my own from personal experiences at the time of post. This is a personal blog, my memoirs of my gastronomic affairs...

So PR companies, if you are reading this, my name is not THERE, be polite, do not SPAM as you will be reported to ACMA. If there is something that you would like me to try or attend or discuss, by all means, contact me. Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook for daily ramblings of food and stuff. ;)

Email: jackie@yummystuffgoeshere.com
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/YummyStuffGoesH
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/YummyStuffGoesHere

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