Sunday, August 29, 2010

Retreat! Retreat! We must retreat!

I thought of cave diving, then I remembered that movie"The Descent". What about Snorkeling? I imagined coming face to face with "Piranhna 3D", as for shark feeding, has everyone forgotten "Jaws" already? Sheesh!

And those Black Manta Rays are like the Grim Reaper swimming around you. Eeeek!!! Eerr, anyone care for some grilled chili rays? Maybe I should just find a place to drink beers by the pool all day. Back to my search for holiday for one!

If you must know, I have zero ideas for my food blog. Yup, zip zero nuh duh.. that's what I got! So I need inspiration and another trip away. And the boy does not want to follow me this time. He was sulking the whole time we went away to KL last time.

So I'm thinking, a beach holiday where I lay around by the pool or beach and the most exercise I will do, is to stretch up, arms out, lift my cocktails and drink it! Repeat several times a day!

Okay, I am also lazy and impatient, so anywhere I choose to go will have to be short flight, not too expensive and single friendly. I don't want to be surrounded by honeymooners in a loved up environment. EEEK!

I just want to be left alone to read my book by the pool and drink, and shoot photos all day long and drink! And maybe in the evenings, walks by the beach and drink, and drink some more till I crawl back to my room. Good Lord I will be taking photos of all the cocktails after all, puh lease...hic! That would be a fab holiday! So where to, Sherlock?

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

My new toy boy!

God, I love tax time... the trick is to overpay your tax so that you get loads back during your tax return. This year I bought myself a dslr, hehheehe.... nice, my new toy I have been playing with it at home. LOTS!

No recipes on this post, sorry guys.. just pics..just food porn here ....hahahhaa, let's keep it PG rated.

Okay back to food pics...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nasi Lemak Sambal Prawns

Woke up hungry this morning and was craving nasi lemak, Malaysian breaky. So ended up cooking some king size prawns in sambal paste from Malaysia. I didn't have any ikan bilis and so it is a very simple dish as in coconut rice and sambal prawns only. So delish!

It's finger licking good and I should have bought more of that sambal paste, note to self, buy more next trip to Melbourne ;) So hot and spicy.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cold Rock Ice Cream

So after 3 weekends in hiatus, I was down with the flu, I finally dragged myself out to the shops today. I had to stop by Cold Rock to check them out. The place wasn't busy but hey, it's in the middle of winter on a Saturday morning in the City of Sports. I have no doubt that the place will be busy as come Spring.

Hmm, decisions decisions....ooh I love Baileys but I also like Caramel mudcake...OMG there is cheesecake as well... But I fell in love with liqourice as I am a fan of aniseed.

It's not rocket science, make some fabulous flavours, let your clients choose their favourite toppings and soon you'll have yourself a thriving business. Why didn't I think of that first? hahhahaha.

Anyway, it was so creamy and yummy and I can taste the liqourice too which was fab!

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