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Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Recapped

2012 is nearly over, what can I say? The year was #Winning as +CharlieSheen would have said! I started the year with a trip home to Malaysia and Penang for the ultimate Foodie trail. It was epic to say the least. I spent a few days with friends and family and was sad and a little heavier as I boarded my plane back to Australia.

In March, I went to my first Wagga Food and Wine Festival. Not sure where I had been in the past, hidden under some rocks perhaps but it was my visit to the festival and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to attend the one next year. For a small town, there sure was a lot of people there and a great community day.

Then came August, when my boy turned 18 and became an adult. Sobs! I was happy and sad that day as he was growing up far too quickly before my eyes. We celebrated his birthday at Hoggys. Good to see he is still my boy, that he still loves his curly fries...... sobs!

September came and went with not much event, although I did get a bit excited about the opening of an Indian grocery store in town. Spotted bags and bags of green mangoes for rojak!! Awesomeness!!

I travelled to Sydney in October to meet up with fellow foodies +Jackie M and +vee wahid for the Night Noodle Market. Met Iza for the first time and hit it off. The girl is hillarious and man, we ate a lot.. at The Grace Hotel. Hilarity ensues whenever we girls gathered. It was a fun trip and I was so happy and contented after my Malaysian food fix. I also got to meet the lovely @wangirls on this trip.

October was also the month when we had to say our goodbye to my old gal Libby when we had to put her down. This left me with just one Dally now. We made sure Tassie is hugged and smothered with love daily so he doesn't missed Libby too much.

November came and it was pretty quiet as I was homebound, not much happened. The boy sat for his HSC exams and I held my breath. I finally exhaled when exam was over and only when his got an offer for a University placement for his course. I was finally able to relax come mid December and did a lot of homecooking and baking prior to Xmas Holidays. I thought I lost my mojo.... heheheh ;)

So what do I hope for in 2013?

  • More overseas trips
  • More photos shoot jobs.
  • Good health
  • Canon 5DM3
  • A pool :)
Lastly, best wishes to all you readers out there and have a safe and Happy New Year and come back here soon, you hear!
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