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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sponsored Post : Isagenix

I must admit that when Brad wrote to me, to do a review on his Isagenix products, I was not convinced that I would be up to the task. You see, the word "dieting" does not exist in my world. If I don't eat, I will get gastric pains and I become this very crazy Asian, angry cat lady!

For the longest time, I have struggled with my weight and I hate dieting of any kind and even more, I hate exercise. I simply do not like to sweat. I want an easy fix. Who doesn't? Unfortunately, that would cost money, lots of money and time off work. I was thinking perhaps, a tummy tuck, sleeve or lap banding. All are very high risks as it involves surgery. It's not going to work either, as needles and shiny sharp objects terrifies me!

In the past, I have frequented gyms, on and off and popped many pills, such as appetite suppressants and Xenical. I failed to lose weight. I guessed one needs discipline and dedication and most of all, the will and the want to lose weight, all of which I do not have.

Despite all my past failures, I am now committed to trying out this program for however long the sponsored products will last me. Brad has been ever so generous with donating to me, over few hundred dollars worth of Isagenix products to try and I must do this, for myself.

It will make me feel better, I will be healthier, lighter and it may even lower my high blood pressure if I lose the excess weight.

I just started this today and I will come back in a month and let you, my readers know my progress :) I am hoping to lose a few inches off my waistline. Of course, it does not help when I am starting this during the silly season. However, I believe that, with sensible eating and some focus, I can do this.

As you can see, on my first day, I'm already "enhancing" the protein mix with Matcha (green tea powder) to enhance the flavour :) I am not used to protein shakes, I am a non-dieter and the matcha flavour really helps me, I can pretend I am having a Starbucks frappe! The protein shake will keep me feeling full till arvo and dinner time.

For more details, head to
There are some good readings if you need help and advise on cleansing and I saw some healthy recipes as well. See you all back here in a month :)

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