Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spice World

There's a new Asian grocer that opened recently in Wagga called Spice World. I discovered it quite by accident, really. It all started one Sunday after I had dropped the boy off to his "Warhammer" hobby group and decided to find some lunch for myself somewhere in town.

I was driving around aimlessly, nothing was really open on a Sunday except for cafes etc. Why I have a sudden craving for sushi on a Sunday? God only knows! Needless to say, Zen Japanese restaurant was closed on a Sunday, so I decided to head back to Sturt Mall, which was at the other side of town.

It was a bloody good thing that I did, because I spotted a group of Indian guys out a shop near the mall. Wondering to myself, "What's going on here?" There were balloons and a camera crew outside. So I parked the car and got out. By then, curiosity got the better of me, I had forgotten that I was hungry and looking for a spot for lunch.

I ran across the road and beamed a huge smile to all the boys standing outside. No "Akhbar" in sight. Sigh. Never mind.

I ran inside and assaulted the shopkeeper, with lots of questions, the main one, being "Got any muruku?" What a comical sight! I was the only Chinese person in a shop, jammed packed with Indians everywhere, and I was looking for murukus.

Let me tell you, I have this insane obsession with Indian snacks. I blamed my Auntie Jill for this. She makes the most awesome murukus and Indian food and I remember when we were growing up in Malaysia, we would visit her and family on Deepavali. Good times!

Wow, I didn't know that we have that many Indians in town. Cool! That means this shop will have regular clients and it won't close like all the other Asian grocers in the past. We had a Chinese grocer in town. They didn't last very long, wonder why? Plenty of Chinese restaurants in town that would need supplies. It was a very sad day for me when they left, as it meant driving to Canberra, ACT for my Asian heists.

I didn't have my camera on me so all these photos are taken with an iphone, with a shaking excited hand, please don't judge! LOL

And what does a good little Malaysian do with all her green mangoes bought? She makes green mango rojak at home, of course ;)

And this my friend, is what I ended up having for lunch plus I ate my murukus whilst watching my Korean dramas. Best Sunday ever! Heheh ;)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wagga's Farmer Home Hotel Bistro

A very sad on was an emotional day, not just about the five Aussie diggers that died in Afghanistan but I am also losing my work buddy who is leaving us to go to Western Australia.

Aargh! How will I cope? Oh well, wishing him the best in his future endeavors and will keep in touch on Facebook.

So, we went to Farmer's Hotel for his farewell. A big juicy steak will make everything better. The bossman came down from Bandiana and he shouted us lunch. What a good man! Told him I could have kissed him but that would be in appropriate ;) hahhahaah!

We've been to the Farmer's bistro plenty of times, closest to work actually and they do good meals there. So I thought I might blogged about it this time. Was feeling melancholy. For the five brave soldiers and all those that have died, we salute you and condolences to the families. I can't talk about this business of wars, but it upsets me and saddens me. I am not trivalising their deaths with a blog post. Not at all.


This is a scotch fillet steak with peppercorn sauce, served with salad and chips. It was delicious. The rainy and dark day matches my mood. As you can see, even the sky was crying.




Alright, enough said. Let's get back to more photos of steaks.


This is scotch fillet steak with Diane sauce. I was told Diane is a redhead, hence why the sauce was reddish ;) Just joking!


Nicole had the scotch with peppercorn too and Ben had the scotch with mushroom sauce.



Cheers and good luck Woody in WA, hehehe, will miss you heaps. For crying out loud, get on Facebook already, will ya?

Farmers Home Hotel Bistro on Urbanspoon

This is our favourite regular diner, good place for steaks and all Aussie fare. Photos are taken with my new Samsung NX1000. All Rights Reserved.
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