Thursday, November 22, 2012

Crust Pizza

Hey all, I just had to brag about the best lunch ever today, we had gourmet pizzas downtown after a work assignment and I must say, it was most delicious. Thanks to the boss lady Nicole for a lovely lunch and it was a very good surprise ;)

It was gourmet style and pricey but oh sooooo good! Nic has always been harping about these pizzas since like forever and I would always say to her, "No way... $20 bucks? You're mad"

Today, I found out why she is so mad about these pizzas. They were bloody freaking awesome!!! Best pizzas, I have ever tasted! Generous toppings, flavoursome and lovingly made!

This was my lunch was so yummy... at the time of writing, six hours later, I am still full ;) I love the Peri Peri chicken and Mexican. We also ordered Sausage Duo and Garlic Prawns in halves as we wanted to try out the menu. Nic is a fan but Brenton and I have never had Crust pizzas before.


Doesn't it look fantastic? Taste real good too. It was not busy, we were happy to sit down to eat our lunch there. There's tables and chairs in there and not a bad spot to have lunch and people watch the main street.


This is Nic and I, two hungry gals, before and after ;)and Brenton and Nic in the restaturant.



The End

Crust Pizza Wagga Wagga is located at

Address: 59 Baylis Street, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
Phone: (02)6931 9911
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