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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Merchant's Lane

Somewhere in  Chinatown Kuala Lumpur, we found the little green teal door which leads upstairs to one of the hippest cafe in town. If you blinked, you would have missed the teal green door. It is sandwiched between shops. My sis and I ventured upstairs and found the quaint little cafe which serves a little of western and Asian fusion dishes.

At first glance, one would think this hipster's cafe is in Cambodia. There is a tree with sprawling roots in the middle of the cafe. I love it. (I wished there is a tree in the middle of my house!)

As we were still full from breakfast, we decided to just order drinks and nibbles. Then I spotted the words, Pandan and Kaya in the same sentence ...oh my Lord... this is a must order!

The "Better than Sex" pandan crepe with kaya toast ice cream was delicious and we enjoyed Pipit's Nest which is the plate of fried onions rings, chicken tenders and brinjal with cheese and mayo sauce.

Merchant Lane can be found at

Merchant's Lane 美真林

No, 150 Jalan Petaling, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Madeleine Cookies

It's winter now in Australia, so I usually hibernate till work day Monday on my weekends. I do my shopping straight after work on Friday so that I can get home and spend as much time watching korean dramas and do some pottering around the house and baking. Okay, not so much the baking part though.

Few weekends ago, I watched a korean drama titled "My name is Kim Sam Soon". It's an oldie, I was watching it for the Danny oppa fix but little did I know, that I was going to be more fixated with the baking in the drama and all the lovely cakes and pastries that was featured on that drama.

I just had to buy myself a Madeleine pan immediately after that. I love that drama, it's a light comical romance with enough soppy parts to make you reached for the tissues and yet with a sudden change of scene, it would have you drooling and pausing the show, just to admire the baked stuff. This drama is so evil! So, if you haven't seen this drama, please go watch it now for the drool factor!! OMO, Danny oppa, you do get my undivided attention though in your scenes!

And so it began, I needed to bake these babies to see what all the fuss is about. Last nite, I made the batter and chill it in the fridge as per the recipe instrution, you can find the recipe and video demo link from

I am hoping mine turns out edible at least. I do love Joy of Baking website. Stephanie has video demo which is a whole lot easier than reading a bunch of words. I am terrible at following manuals or word instructions, I need visual display. :) Yes, I am a bit special! LOL :)

Making Madeleines cookies

Making Madeleines cookies

Making Madeleines cookies

Baking Madeleines

Baking Madeleines

Err Mah Gerrd!!!! I have eaten two already, second tray is in the oven now.. they taste like lemon cakes, crunchy on outside, nice and warm buttery lemon inside! So good!! So glad I have enough batter for two trays. So simple, sinful and good for you! It's got lemons! That's Vitamin C, right?

Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone! Nomnomnom! Peace out!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


This week, I have a guest featured post from Paris. Oui from The City of Love....sarang sarang saranghae back to my friend Lin Milne, who is on holiday in Paris. She has kindly allowed me to do a post with her photos.

This is Laduree in Rue Bonaparte in St Germain. Isn't it amazing? It's practically magical! What beautiful macaroons they have! Just brilliant, my Ninja friend has done well as she goes forth... and snap snap snap....what beautiful photos too. She even went to all the Laduree for me.... Look at the shopfront display. Isn't it just dreamy?

Photo credits: Lin Milne Photography All Rights Reserved.

(Please Do Not Copy)

 Laduree Bonaparte

Laduree Royale
 Laduree @ Champs Elysee

 My "Foreign Correspondent" - hehehhee... Lin Milne

Inside scoop: A certain ninja got told off for photographing this photo below. Hahah! Very Ninja of her to sneak one in!

"You are not suppose to take photos but errrrr what? me no understand French hahahahhh"

Note to Lin: Please, please can you bring home a Pastry Chef for me??? Never mind about the Eiffel Tower souvenir. Or just bring home a Roman Duruis for me..he's hot!

 Looking for my Roman Duruis, I hope!

Hello to all from Lin in Paris ;) 
She said she was never coming home... oh no!

Hehehehe! Wah!!!! Eiffel Tower photo just for my lucky!

Night time in Paris

Saturday, December 26, 2009

High Tea at Royal Plaza @ Scotts

Very dissapointing, maybe I am just tired but the tau hu bakar was less than edible, it was badly burnt and the only dish I enjoyed was the acar, pickled spicy veges. However, the coffee was so gooooooooooood! Maybe tomoz will be a better day but what else does one do when it's raining? Have High Tea of course....though, I rather be having jugs of Singapore Slings.....

In the back, mango and shrimp roll and tahu bakar.... very dissapointed, less than edible...badly burnt!

Front is Pie Tee cups filled with sauteed mengkuang (vegetarian dish)

Sushi and sashimi bar..

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