Saturday, December 7, 2013

Autumn Bliss in Japan Part 4 Exploring Arashiyama, Kyoto

We are still in Kyoto, after visting Kiyomizu-dera temple and a restful night in our hotel, we boarded a local rail to Arashiyama town. Okay, we did get lost on the lines and went the opposite direction at first. I discovered this when the train stopped at different name. Not a biggie, we just jumped off the train and asked around and got on the opposite line, on the right side of the rail line the second time around and was soon on the train to Arashiyama.

So we took Hankyu line, instead of the Kanden line, it just means that we have to cross the Togetsu-kyo-bridge to get the town instead of immediately getting off at the town. More photo opportunity, I'd say. And lots of walking. There was definitely lots of walking everywhere in Japan. I would not have been able to do this before my hip surgery and I am glad that I am still able to walk and appreciate the beauty of Japan. I get it now why it is also known as the Moon Crossing Bridge as it is like crossing over to the moon, the stretch of the bridge is ever so long... I can feel my fat crying just walking across to the other side of town.

We went to Tenryuji (天龍寺, Tenryūji Temple first. It was only early but there were lots of visitors already. We quickly queue up to buy tickets into the temple. Have I mentioned Japanese people love to queue for everything? They are so considerate and orderly.

We couldn't go into the building. We could only view it from outside which was still pretty impressive. Imagine living here and waking up to views like this! That would be just pure bliss for me!

Have I mentioned that we walked a lot when we were in Japan? I am so glad for the many stops to take a breather and to take in, the picturesque landscape. My favourite place would be the Sagano Bamboo grove. Despite the crowds, it was green and serene. So peaceful! And the tall bamboos goes on forever as though trying to reach for the Heavens.

The Bamboo grove reminded me of the movie "House of Flying Daggers" with the assassins leaping from tree to tree. Sigh, if only Takeshi could just come around the corner, that would be oh so perfect!

Still more to come on Kyoto, join me as I head over to the Golden Pavilion next... see you soon.


wikki_ploy said...

So pretty! I was in Japan earlier this year for spring . It never occurred to me to go for autumn! LOL. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. Next trip will plan for autumn :)

Jackie Brodin said...

Thank you, yes Japan is lovely in Autumn. I too will have to plan for a visit in Spring. Definitely must return soon.

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