Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fishing Village Seafood Restaurant, Penang

When I was in Penang earlier this year, I asked my friend Karen to take us to a seafood joint. We discussed locations and sunsets and distances and "End of The World" and finally decided on Fishing Village Restaurant in Teluk Bahang.

It was only ten minutes up the road from where we were staying. We stayed at the Hard Rock Penang during our trip to Penang. That is an awesome hotel. Would love to go back there again.

So my friend Karen, who is a local by the way, took us all in her car. We listened to Kpop music as we drove to  the restaurant. Spotted another seafood restaurant "End of the World" along the way. I was most excited!! Seafood is my middle name!!! Get it? See food? Golly gosh, you guys are a tough crowd tonite!

So anyway, when we got there, I had to order the ampera juice that KC keeps talking about. It is also known as Kedondong. I don't remember it growing up. I do remember assam boi juice but not this, and after a couple of drinks later, still don't remember it.. but it was very refreshing though. But I was on the Tiger beer next  ;) heeheh..

Hahaha, can you tell from the menu that I am checking out the lobster? We ordered a dish of lobster but our main interest that night were crabs, lot of them.

Next came the claypot seafood noodles and green veges. I thought that the claypot noodles were a big let down, too much gravy, not enough seafood. Once again, too salty, I think someone is a bit heavy handed in the kitchen that night.  The lobster was a bit too salty to my liking, maybe too much butter in sauce?

So glad that we ordered the fried bee hoon, it was kind of plain, not spicy as it had claimed but it took away the salty taste. Where is that beer? God bless Tiger beer ;)

Apologies for this bad and blurry shot, probably got the shakes from too much salt...bahhahahaha. ;) Okay, all was not lost as the evening progressed. Our serving of crabs was spectacular and it was delicious! I love the black pepper crab more than the other chinese spiced/curried version. We also ordered deep fried soft shelled crabs. Mmmmmm very tasty!

So, as you can see, it all ended well, a big thanks to our foodie guide Karen for such a wonderful dinner outing and the Kpop sing along. Okay, here the secret, if you had gone to the other touristy trap restaurant, you would have paid doubled. This place is a local favourite haunt because of it's reasonable prices and affordable for a family to dine out.

The seafood is fresh, the clay pot noodle might have been a missed, but there were several other dishes that were a hit. Give it a try. Hope you have enjoyed the food porn.

Fishing Village Restaurant 
765 MK 2 Teluk Bahang 
(Jalan Teluk Awak) 
11050 Penang


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