Saturday, November 30, 2013

Autumn Bliss in Japan Part 1

Exploring Tokyo

Hi all, I just got back from a Japan holiday. It was a bit a rush really. I wished I could have stayed for longer. Perhaps better planning, next time around, when I go solo. I have always love Japan, it is a beautiful place and what foodie doesn't like Japanese food, right?

We arrived in the morning and took the Limo Bus from Narita airport to Shinjuku where we were staying. On our first day in Tokyo, we spend the day exploring Shinjuku and went into the stores from floor to floor. I especially loved the food basement shops in Odaikyo, next to Keio store. You can easily go nuts shopping for food in here. There are so many choices and my eyes was bigger than my stomach. I bought bento lunch box, sushi rolls, french pastries and matcha icecream just for that first lunch ;)

On our second day, we brave the world and took on the Tokyo Metro subway system. To be truthful, there's nothing to it. If you don't have the exact change, the machine spits out your change after you insert your Yen note. The Info booth is never too far and someone will always help out if you seemed a bit lost, in translation or otherwise.

The photo above was taken at Sensoji Temple, in Asakusa. We enjoyed our day out strolling at Nakamise Street, just looking at the souvenir shops and cooking stalls. I watched the making of rice crackers and it was sold fresh, unlike your commercially packed "Sakata" crackers from the supermarkets.
Exploring Tokyo

Exploring Tokyo

Exploring Tokyo

After the Sensoji Temple, we took the Tokyo Metro subways again, this time to Daimon. My son had wanted to go to Pokemon Centre, ever since he was little. He is now a grown young adult, and thankfully, he still likes them. Yes, it did take me awhile to save up for this trip, our Australian dollar is now strong and made it possible for this trip.

To be continued post, how to get to Pokemon Centre :) and some foodporn.

For more information about Japan, please visit JNTO. Sensoji Temple is located at Asakusa.


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