Sunday, May 6, 2012

Breakfast at the Coffee Club

All this talk on Twitter last nite with some gal friends has made me wanting to buy a bread maker. I need to be making my own cinnamon scrolls for breaky. They look so good on Selina's instagram. I am super jealous. What can you do when you haven't got one yet? You go out to breakfast, of course ;)

I dropped the boy off at his hobby club, he goes to play role playing war games every Sunday with a bunch of kids at the local Community Centre. I headed out to the Coffee Club in Glenfield, it is not too far from my place. I normally shop at South City Mall.

It was very busy, the place was packed. Looks like everyone in that suburb had the same idea. I was warned that there would be a 25 minutes wait for food to arrive. I didn't mind. I was not in a rush to get anywhere. Just some groceries later and home. So I ordered my food and sat down to play with my iPhone.

These are the photos that I took with the smartphone whilst waiting.

Breakfast was excellent, the bacon could have been a bit crispier, I did asked for crispy bacon. As I am paying for it as a side order, maybe I should have sent it back. The French toast was soft and fluffy, sprinkled with icing powder and topped with strawberries. I had to ask for my maple syrup. Maybe it was forgotten. Who serves French Toast without maple syrup? I had a cappuccino with my breaky. After a few mouthfuls, all was forgiven. It was delicious. Maybe someone got a bit flustered and forgetful when busy.

Would I go back and spend another $20 for breaky on another weekend? Yes! Definitely! The wait wasn't that long and I am sure the service delivery can improve. Plus I want my bacon crispy! So yeah, I will be back.

Breaky at Coffee Club

French Toast with bacon



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