Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all ;)

Goodbye 2011 and Hello to 2012. Hi all, so what's in store for you in 2012?

As for myself, I am guessing that there will be more food posting to come but first, I want to thank everyone, from sponsors to foodies, readers, friends and family for their continued support.

I am so grateful for all the good things that happened to me in 2011. I will work harder to get you, my readers, some terrific prizes, fear not! To recap, I have had generous sponsors for my blog. There will be more coming in 2012.
The highlights of 2011 for me was Good Food Wine Show where I flew up to Sydney to help out with Jackie M in collaboration with Malaysian Kitchen Australia. Not forgetting, there was the very lovely and lively Vani, whom I teamed up with at the GFWS spreading our Malaysian love. Okay, we were giving away char kway teow and rendang....I also met celebrity chefs Adam Liaw and Alvin Quah from Masterchef. Alvin gave me a peck on my cheeks and I didn't wash my face that nite. I also got to see George from a far. At the show, I met up with fellow foodies Mel and Simon and I went out to Yumcha lunch with Shirl  and Dexter and Ella the next day. It was a great weekend.

Other highlights of the year was my weekend in Melbourne with Lin, my foodie sidekick. We went to all these places in 3 days ;) I need to spend longer time in Melbourne as I didn't do it justice, there were so many other places that I did not visit and I did not meet up with fellow Melburnians foodies as I had run out of time. I promise to come back ;)
I was also extremely lucky to have won a travel competition contest via Travelerfolio and I will be going to Penang. It was for a stay at Hard Rock Penang. So, it does looks like 2012, is looking pretty good so far.

I will be working very hard, eating... Ahem!...err, bringing you sensational updates of my food tour in Penang. I am also looking forward to a tour in a durian farm. Looks like we won't have to climb over a fence at midnight, going in like Ninjas. A friend is arranging the tour, I can hardly wait!!! LOL ;)

So I imagined that on the D-Day, the three musketeers, that's Lin, the other Lin and I (my chinese name is Kin, although Mum calls me Kim) will be on the road early from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. Wow, we sound like the famous rock group, Linkin Park except that we're way more cooler! I mean, come on, we're off to Hard Rock Penang, that's gotta be the coolest place in Penang, right?

My sister has said that the road to Penang is paved with many makan stalls along the Highway....Oh Lordy! Our four hour drive might ended up being six to eight hours drive! Hahahah ;) Gotta stay focus...oh dear, the things I do for my blog.

I will be flying to KL this Tuesday, for the first time with Malaysian Airlines and I am so looking forward to the inflight service and entertainment, there are so many Asian movies to watch on board. Happiness!!!!

Stay tuned!


Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things said...

Fantastic. Congratulations on your success. May 2012 bring many good things your way!

Jackie B said...

Thx Lizzy :) same to you. HNY :)

msihua said...

Woah! I've been watching your pics come through on Instagram! SO JEALOUS!!!

sugarpuffi said...

Happy new year Jackie! i wanna go to malaysia tooooooo

Jackie B said...

LOL thx all, flying back tomo, will be so sad then.

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