Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice! This is a late post of Tang Chek Festival , recipe and photo by Emmaline Lee and her daughter. This festival is not only celebrated in China but in many Asian countries that does not have the winter season.

As for me, I had almost forgotten about this event till I saw Em's Facebook page the other day and I yelled out loud, "Oh, I remember those things!" It's funny and I totally get this Chinese celebration now. The time of the year for family gathering, celebrating the end of short days, apparently days with longer sunlight means positive energy. More of the Ying and Yang thing later when I find out more.

When I was growing up in Malaysia, I remembered that we would spend half the night making this, helping Mum rolled out the balls. At that age, all I wanted to do was muck around when the novelty wore off and I wanted to go to sleep. I couldn't understand why we had to sit up half a nite, rolling bucketloads of glutinous rice balls. I was then and still am pretty ignorant in all things Chinese and in so many ways, I am so westernised, as my Mum would say.

That's right, my Mum would go all "Joy Luck Club" on me and complained that since I don't know my beginnings, therefore I won't know my endings. Like, really? That is deep, what does that even means? Meh, and those of you who know me; will know that I would get all defensive and rebel and grumble and complain till the very last ball was rolled. I was a child, a selfish one and what I didn't want to know then, I sure am trying to find out now. So like the ball, I am coming full circle.

So anyway, here the recipe from the lovely Emmaline and her daughter took this photo.

"Tang Chek - all u need is glutinous flour. Mix with water, mix color n roll, roll , roll bulat bulat. For syrup, u need pandan leaves n rock sugar. When boiling, throw the ee into pot. U can eat it hot or cold ( with ice cubes or chilled). Enjoy !!!

Roll Bulat bulat...Translation : Roll and roll and make it round like a ball. Hahhahahha ;) Ok, I don't know the measurement, you'll just have to "agak agak"... estimate, see the texture of dough.

Photo - All Rights Reserved to Emmaline Lee


Biren said...

I like that...roll, roll, roll bulat, bulat! :) Living away from the culture and it being so close to Christmas, Tang Chek just gets over shadowed. Perhaps I should still "soh" some "ee" next week :)

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Jackie B said...

Thanks Biren, you too, enjoy your snow and Xmas. So hot over here, wished I was playing in the snow with you guys ;)

msihua said...

Wow! I remember I used to have to do this every year with mum and absolutely resented it, as I don't like to eat them, but this brings back good memories nevertheless! Happy New Year!

Jackie B said...

Thx Miss Hua, Happy new year to you and all stopping by here. Thx for the support over the years. Back in 2012 soon!

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