Saturday, April 21, 2012

American Candy and choc bars

One of my favourite thing to do when I was flying for Singapore Airlines was to shop. At any stopovers, I would visit the chemist and lolly shops. I confessed, I have a weakness for nice smelling soaps and toiletries and I used to collect them from all over the world. Yes, I take those little miniature bottles of shampoos too from hotels of the world. I love those things, don't you?

As for lolly shops, I first discovered Violet Crumble in Melbourne and has never turned back. Love them. Then whilst doing the US flights, I discovered those wonderful macadamias covered in chocolate during stopover in Hawaii. The crew and I stayed at Ala Moana Hotel and next to it was the Ala Moana Mall. I think back now, those days must be the start of my love affair with American candies. And we haven't even started on my obsession with Twinkies yet :)

Today, I had to go into town to bank in my Nuffnang check at ANZ and I walked passed Darrell Lea Chocolate Shop. I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw the small sign by the window that reads "We stock American candies/chocolates"

In my mind, I rushed into the shop exclaiming "OMFG!!!!!! You have Reeses peanut butter cups!! And Hersheys!!!! "

Of course, I did not do that, only a crazy lady would that. I, on the other hand walked in, with a cool calm collected and relaxed manner whilst staring down the kiddies, thinking to myself  "Back off, you little punks, do not be touching my Hersheys and Reeses!" {Cue in... my evil laugh!!}

Alright, I didn't do that either but I was thinking it.. so without further ado, here is my little stash I bought today.

Darrell Lea Chocolates & Gifts
Shop 1
104 Baylis St,
Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650
Phone: 02 6931 7832

And best of all, they are online too. This post is not a paid advertorial and my stash today cost me $18.00. A bit pricey but cheaper than flying to the US, no?


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