Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tien Dat

Day 2 Melbourne Lunch at Tien Dat

My one and only experience with Vietnamese food was on my last Melbourne trip with Karen, Karen visited us from Penang. You might remember that I blogged about the place, it was the same place where Clinton had had two bowls of pho when he came to Australia to meet Johnny Howard.

We had pho and springrolls as well then, it was stupendous! I love the light flavour of Vietnamese food. So when Lin said " Lets' go to Tien Dat coz Dim Sum at Taipan is fully booked",  I didn't mind at all. I was all for it.

Lin ordered the Viet omelette and I ordered a Beef Salad, Grant had the beef pho. We also got some steamed and deepfried springrolls. I guessed the fresh herbs and lettuce will counter balanced all the deep fried stuff ;) I don't mind! I love springrolls in whatever form.

My three coloured drink reminds me of Malaysian chendul, it has red jelly, azuki beans and pandan worms and the base is coconut milk, very nice. But it does not have gula melaka in it ;(  Meh! Still good!

My beef salad is similar to a Thai Beef Salad, I think the Thai version is a lot heavier on the herbs and spices. The Viet version is light and tangy with fresh coriander, lettuce, shredded beef, cucumbers, carrots and beansprouts and fresh chillies and sprinkles of crushed peanuts in tangy spicy dressing.  I really enjoyed it, I was avoiding carbs as we planned to hit Lux Bite in the arvo and Chillipadi in the evening.

I gotta say, I am loving Box Hill and missing Melbourne a lot since I got back.

Steamed prawn roll

Vietnames Crepe - crispy thin omelette with minced pork, prawn, fungus and beanshoot filling

Hanoi spring roll
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