Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Omah's Port Melbourne

I went down to Melbourne to visit a school friend for a gastronomic weekend. So we had planned in advance with a list of places to try out and I made all bookings necessary. I arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed in Melbourne in the wee early hours. Lin met me at the airport.

Before I knew it, I was at an auction, watching a house being sold in Templestowe for 1.25M. OUCH!!! No way was I going to buy that house, it had no pool! And for that price, I would have to be living on kaya toast forever!

So eventually, it got to dinner time and we were both so excited and looking forward to eating some mud crabs. OMAHS is a Malaysian restaurant, there are two places, one in Hawthorn and another at Port Melbourne. We went to the one in Port Melbourne.

On entering, it was looked very busy and we were seated to our table. It tooks us a while to sort out the entrees, we already knew we had wanted the salty egg mud crab. Our waiter Issac, was busy running around, he looked a bit flustered, so we used our womanly charms to calm him down when ordering. Nice guy, he looked after us well throughout the evening.

I love the birdcages set up in the restaurant, the lighting was unique. We ordered deepfried soft-shelled crabs and mixed entrees to share. For our mains, we ordered salty egg yolked crab, ikan bakar and oyster omelette. The salty egg crab was outstanding, I love the batter, and are a convert now, me being not a big fan of salty egg yolk but this batter was superb! I even ate all the egg roe of the crab, there goes my cholesterol ;)

Love the oyster omelette. Similars to ones you get in Singapore, reminded me of my feast at Newton Circus, Singapore. The ikan bakar was a disappointment. I think I had high expectations that it would be like barbequed chilli fish or stingray. It was a different fish used of course but the "rempah" didn't taste right to me. It taste too much of a curry paste. Overall, I highly enjoyed my visit to Omah's and would definitely return when I am in Melbourne again. Thanks to super friendly staff and finger licking good crab!

Omah's Port Melbourne
136-138 Rouse St
Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

(03) 9676 9918
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