Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Jill-e Bag

I love my new Jill-e bag, loving the fresh smell of leather and I bought the small red, for those wondering..... I was contemplating buying the bone colour but agreed that it would get dirty too fast. Oh yeah, this is not a food related post, just introducing my new camera bag to my readers. I love it so much!

I can fit three lenses in there with another lens attached to my Canon EOS camera, a medium bag would have been too big for me. From now on, I will only use the Canon backpack if I want to take all my lenses with me. That backpack is so big and heavy, it's painful for my shoulders ;(

This is my pressie to myself ;)

Love stunning!!! My bag that is!


Mochachocolata Rita said...


MissPiggy said...

My new camera bag/handbag arrived the other day. It's so tiny - I wonder if I'm going to use it. Yours looks GREAT!

Yummy Stuff said...

Thx all :) so in love with this bag. Thinks my LV is a little jealous atm :D

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