Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I heart LuxBite

After playing photographer for my friends, the GSD demo team at The Royal Melbourne Show, we took off to South Yarra for some afternoon tea. I had been wanting to go down to LuxBite to get me some macarons ever since Shellie from http://ironchefshellie.com/ blogged about it.

So we rocked up at the place and I was like "Wah... look at all those macarons and desserts, and look, they are piping some macarons in the kitchen.."

Yup! They don't let me out much... so we ordered out afternoon tea and sat down, grinning like little kids! Then Bernard came out with some complimentary macarons and I was like "skipping with joy on the inside"
I had to restrain myself from grabbing and hugging the man! ;) We love the flavours; kaya toast, peanut butter jelly was my favourite, creme brulee and watermelon was so cute!

Bernard and Yen from LuxBite are one of the nicest people, very hardworking and down to earth. They came out to say hi despite being busy. My friend had the bread and butter pudding with warmed pandan anglaise, it smelt heavenly. She said she could drink that every morning. I concur! It was like pandan milk, very delicious!. I had the caramel slice with caramel salted macaron on top. It was very sweet, love the salted macaron. I bought the EPIC experience box  ;) and they advised me what flavour was good for travelling and wrapped it with such great care. I put in the freezer overnite and lovingly hand carried it back with me on the plane. This was worth more than gold! I love LuxBite, I am going back! 

38 Toorak Road
South Yarra, VIC, 3141

P: +61 398 675 888
E: info@luxbite.com.au
Open Wed - Mon, 8 am - 8pm

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FOOD - Pampering Yourself said...

Yeah LuxBite is perfect to hang out with friends, to enjoy the morning by yourself, or to spend time with your partner!

Love the macaron, Kaya's the most special, and orange saffron is my favourite! Their desserts e.g. E.T., Oriental Love, Supersized Love are awesome too!

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