Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bodum Table Grill

Hi there all ;)

I was lucky enough to be asked to review a new product of the Bodum range by our friends at

I had planned to have a Spring outdoor dinner party, just something casual for an after work, Friday nite dinner with some gal pals. It turned out to be a wet and dreary day, never mind, we'll just have to move everything back into the house.

So we huddled by the heater in the house and put our steaks on the griller. This is easy, let's turn the power on. I turned the knob up to high to warm up the grill plate first prior to grilling the steaks. Do you know why I like this grill? It looks great, it is easy to use. Plus, it is convenient, just plug her in and turn her on and the best part is that it doesn't use any gas!

I have this great fear of explosion in my face and going to work without eyebrows for several weeks. Err, can you tell, I don't like the use of gas BBQ much? But that's another story for another day...hehehe!

Most Asian families like the Japanese and the Koreans, will have some kind of grill on their dinner table. They either have a grill or a teppanyaki hot plate to do their meat grilling at the dinner table. This Bodum Grill has both, you can flipped either side, is definitely a great item to have if you don't have a barbeque out in your back patio or if it is just like today, when the weather changed on you, and suddenly it is not so great to be sitting outside. What ever happened to beautiful sunny Spring and who brought the rain?

At one stage, after the steaks had cooked, I put on some sausages and chicken satay sticks, it started to cook for awhile then it stopped sizzling, so I fiddled with the connections and wondered if it was faulty. Not really sure what had happened there but the heat came back on again, hmmmm...I am wondering if there was a safety mechanism that stops plate from overheating?

Okay, I am not really sure why these photos of my gal pals are blury.... too many vodka cocktails perhaps, pre dinner drinks? Thanks to my gal pals for taking part in this dinner, to try out my new Bodum Grill.

Desserts were hazelnut icecream on brandy snaps basket with fresh berries, topped with chocolate sauce.It wasn't really a fancy dinner, I didn't go all out, the main purpose was to try out the Bodum grill and it is fabulous! Go out and get one, people! They come in four colours, Orange, Red, Green and Black.

Lastly, I worked out that the red plastic thing is for scraping and cleaning the grill after use. It is so easy to clean too. ;) Nite... I am so full!

{ Note : This is a sponsored post by Kitchenware Direct}


Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

Bodum are doing grills, interesting. Love their other products. Glad to hear this one lives up to expectations.

What a great dinner with your gal pals.

Rebecca from Chow and Chatter said...

looks like a neat grill funny it stopped working for a while, thanks for the baby congrats

sugarpuffi said...

wow awesome u get to try the grill

Jackie B said...

It is really a great grill for indoors, maybe my furkids knocked the power cable out or something, they were very interested in the food ;)

chopinandmysaucepan said...

Looks like a handy piece of equipment! Did you have problems with the cooking fumes though?

Jackie B said...

Good question : No problems with fumes, it was not massive fumes like a BBQ, and only when steak first landed on hot grill, hardly any fumes when sealed, my fire alarm didn't go off..

Vivian - vxdollface said...

This is such a great product! Haven't seen it in store before

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