Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chillipadi Kopitiam

Day 2 in Melbourne :

Lin and I went to Chillipadi Kopitiam on the Sunday nite. To be honest, we were still feeling a bit full from the delicious afternoon tea at LuxBite in South Yarra. On top of that, earlier on, we had gone to Tien Dat for lunch. Yes, we are crazy hungry people!

Oh well, I have a blog to write and I leave Melbourne on Tuesday and so, the show must go on. We must eat till we drop! POW CHAH!!!!!

We drove slowly to Kensington. It's so funny, Lin wanted to park a little further away so that we can walk to the place. But what do you know? A park right in front of the kopitiam.

The poor waitress had to come back several times because we weren't ready and was too busy reading and laughing at the menu. The translation was in Hokkien dialect. It was hillarious! Someone has an awesome sense of humour!

We ordered just one piece of roti to share between us. I got the chicken satay and mamak rojak. Thank God the satay sticks were bite sizes, five for entree. Lin ordered the Ayam Percik as a main. No rice for us. I think we were both struggling to finish because we were full. So we took our leftovers home.

I must mention that the curry that came with the roti was spicy and creamy. Very tasty. I cannot fault the curry, it was really good quality, like home made. The pasembur ( mamak rojak) was hot and spicy and I love it. It was refreshingly light. I love the prawn fritters too. Pasembur is one of my favourite mamak dishes and it always bring backs fond memories of my weekends in Penang. I could literally drink the sauce, spicy hot and all. Love it!

We went back to Chillipadi at Melbourne Central the next day to say hi to Li and Robert, the owners. We had missed her that nite as she had a catering function on. I should have pitched harder to Uncle Robert to open up a Chillipadi in Wagga Wagga. All in favor, please comment. ;) LOL

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FOOD - Pampering Yourself said...

Great pick! Chillipadi probably the most authentic Malaysian food. And Robert's and Li's passion to offer ONLY the authentic ones adds more merits.

Agree with you! The roti canai is really good, love the creamy butter chicken curry, and and the beef rendang!

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