Sunday, November 13, 2011

Muruku -Chakli

Hi all, I have been wanting to make this forever, ever since I first tasted my Auntie Jill's muruku at a young age. Every year, for Deepavali, mum and my late Dad would pile us all into his car and drove us to Penang. You see, my late grandma used to live in Changkat Tembaga in Penang, and that was like our second home as we would visit our relatives every weekend.

It was great when the Krishanans lived in Sungai Ara Army camp. Uncle Shanan was in the Malaysian Army, so going to visit them was always fun. I love going to Sungai Ara camp. We would get Indian food and we could buy real Cadbury chocolate from the NAAFI. They were imported, of course and sealed in purple foil. I wonder why they are not purple anymore?

Did I ever tell you about the time when I got lost in the jungle? I didn't? Well, we were looking for durians and mangosteen at the back of the camp and before I knew it, I had gotten lost.

I didn't panic at all, I just wandered around, happiest in the jungle, just call me Pocahontas...anyway, my Uncle Shanan got his troops to search for me and they found me. Oh well, I was getting hungry anyway at that time. No, I didn't see any tiger, what a shame! Time to head back for Auntie Jill's tosai and muruku and her curries and chapatis. That was then. I loved my childhood adventures. Another time I got lost at the KOMTAR mall. It was huge place for a small kid.

Okay, I digressed, back to this muruku post. So last week or maybe later than that, I found an online shop that sells all these Indian spices and flour. I googled and found a muruku recipe and voila, here it is!

Recipe from

2 cups - Rice flour
1 cup - Besan flour / Gram flour
1 tbsp - Ajwain / Carom seeds
1 tbsp - White sesame seeds
1 tsp - Red chili powder
1/4 tsp - Hing powder / Asafoedita
1/4 cup - Melted butter or Margarine
About 2 cups - Lukewarm water, add a little at a time, otherwise it will be too runny.
Salt to taste
Oil to fry ( Peanut oil )

The dough should look like a chapati dough, not loose.

It taste so good, just like Auntie Jill's ....NOMS!


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