Friday, April 6, 2012

Nyonya Breeze at Straits Quay

It was only natural that we would end up in a Nyonya Restaurant when we were in Penang recently. Actually not so recent, it was in January when I was home. Missing Penang again. Living life 9 to 5 is boring. How I wished to be back in the skies like the good old days jetsetting everywhere. I was eating all sorts of foods from all over the globe.

Anyway, back to Penang. Karen had suggested that we go to this place to celebrate Russell's birthday and we wholeheartedly agreed. Yeah, no need to twist my arm.. can you say Nyonya? This is a true blue authentic Peranakan food place, unlike the wannabes in Sydney with incorrect spelling! Pffttt!

The atmosphere is homely, the waitress is in their kebaya and looked lovely. One was pratically sprinting getting some rice to a table. I think the floor is shiny and marbled. Kind of reminded me of my home in Bedong. Our table was long as they were many of us. I can smell fried chicken frying in the kitchen. Got a whiff of the pandan smell. Someone must be cooking kapitan chicken.

Even the table was marble. It gives it a bright cheery look and not dark and dinghy. I don't mind dark but really some places are a bit of an overkill, I like to be able to see what I am eating. This place was perfect for photo taking of our meals ;) We let the host Karen and her hubby Alex, order the dishes.

  • Inche kabin, the spiced fried chicken. 
  • Fish acar
  • Kerabu beehoon
  • Sambal goreng with prawns 
  • Sambal prawn and petais
  • Kerabu Kacang Botol
  • Sweet potato Masak Lemak
  • Jiu Hu Char
  • Desserts of bubur chacha and greenbean pudding.
The sambal goreng was definitely my favourite that nite. as much as I love sambal petais and kerabu beehoon, the sambal goreng was the highlight. It was very fragrant and on top of that, the sauce was creamy beyond beliefs. I could probably drink it straight and licked the bowl, and the bonus was the big fat prawns and roasted cashews on top. Sigh, I must be civilized and share ;)

Mmmmm ....Desserts... just kidding, the dessert was after dinner of course. I didn't have any. I was too full from dinner.

So after eating so much food, we had to go walk it off around the pier and look at my boats ;) Well, I know boats! They don't call me boat people for nothing. I saw one that I would have liked. However, it was a very short love story as I don't have sea legs ;(

And that's the story of my one memorable dinner that is still imprinted in my head till today and how I long to be back in the Penang isle again. 


Christina @ The Hungry Australian said...

Oh boy, I wish I'd been at this dinner with you.

I love Malaysian food - my dad was born in Penang and grew up in KL so I would have been right at home with most of these dishes.

Now I have to go eat something ;)

Jackie Brodin said...

Christina, same here, my late dad is a Penang boy, paternal family was originally from PG, only one uncle left in Pg, he still works for Rasa Sayang Hotel. All family now in KL. My maternal family is from Tanjung Dawai, my parents settled in SP then Bedong. Penang was my playground growing up, our second home every weekend. It was good to be back.

Food is our religion said...

Looking at all that food is making me so hungry right now and i haven't even had breakfast!

penny aka jeroxie said...

Penang... Not been there for the longest time ever but think we are heading there this year! I can eat for you!

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