Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tokyo Dreaming

Lately, I have been surfing the net looking at airfares to Japan. I have been wanting to revisit Tokyo for a while now. Even before and after the quake, I still want to go on a holiday there. Yes, I do have radiation worries on my mind but meh, bygones that is miniscule worry...... compared to my wanting to go back to Edo for a visit.

I first went to Japan as a cabin crew with Singapore Airlines. That was many many many years ago now. Back in my heydays, I was a little jetsetter... LOL..... I remember running around Tokyo downtown with Chris and his bunch of friends from Tacoma Washington. I first met up with these exchange students, when they were in Singapore. We arranged to meet up again when I was doing a flight out to Tokyo.

It was great fun. We spend the day running around Harajuku looking at Elvis impersonators, amusement parks, Shinjuku and Ginza. Nite times were spent eating yakitori, drinking whisky and sakes and getting lost on subways, not knowing which train to get back to hotel. It was amazing how we even got back in one piece.

This post is more about my lamenting for those carefree days and wanting to go to Tokyo. Grrrr! It will take me forever to save up.. ;( Meanwhile I have to make my own Japanese meal at home and watch Japanese TV dramas like Tokyo Tower.

This was my dinner yesterday without the sakes. Sad!

Does anyone want to sponsor me to go back to Japan?


MissPiggy said...

Bum - my last attempt at leaving a comment here didn't work! Loved your post, the reflective nature of'll get back there one day...never fear.

Jackie B said...

Thanks Mel, you want to come with me? Maybe we can drag Sara along, she can be tour guide.

sugarpuffi said...

sashimi! i could do with some right now. my closest encounter with japan was when i stayed over night for my transit flight haha!

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