Friday, July 15, 2011

Yumcha @East Ocean, Sydney

This post is mainly going to be a food porn as I don't really know much about or have much experience in yumcha. I met up with Shierly and Dex and his lovely wife Ella for lunch during my Sydney weekend getaway. Shierly suggested we do yumcha at East Ocean Restaurant in Chinatown Sydney.

It was so nice to finally meet up with my fellow foodies, it's like catching up with your long lost friends; even though we tweet each other and have our daily banter on Twitter ;)

Let's start with these pics, I was looking at these while I was waiting for them, wow, these are massive.. scary huh?

It was a fantastic spread and Ella did well in ordering. I love it the fried squid and siew mai and prawns dumpling. I didn't know how to eat the chicken feet so I left that alone. I was going "oooh and ahhh" to all the little dishes layout in front of me...yes I only get let off the island once a year ... Just kidding!

You need friends to go yumcha with, and friends I do have but we don't have any place in Wagga Wagga that does yumcha or Dim Sum despite the amount of Chinese Restaurants in town...LAME!!! Sigh! Wished they get on the bandwagon and start doing Yumcha.. it's not just for the Asians, you know! This place was jammed packed with tourist, foreigners and Asians alike.

Oh why am I so deprived? LOL....

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East Ocean


Lia Chen said...

One of our favorite yum cha place in Sydney. Used to live near the Darling Harbour and Chinatown area ... missed all the good foods (^.^)

Yummy Stuff said...

It's pretty big place. They don't do trolleys anymore, just order and they bring to your table, faster too coz you're not waiting for the carts to come by.

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