Sunday, July 3, 2011

GFWS Sydney 2011

I really wanted to go to a food event since like forever. After seeing Shellie from having so much fun at the #GFWS in Melbourne, I was determined to go to the Sydney show. It was by hook or by crook, not really! I voluntered my services to Jackie M and booked my flight and hotel and declared to the world that I was going to this show....hehehe!

So here I am in Sydney, it was certainly buzzing with activities and excitement. I went straight to the Malaysian stand to help out Jackie and Vani from Jackie gave me my very own Jackie M Tshirt... Thank you Lord that it fits.... bahahhahaah! I really need to lose some weight but how can I when I am surrounded by all these wonderful Malaysian dishes. I had so much fun helping out and even had time to roam around checking out products and celeb spotting ;)

There are more photos in my album at

I didn't get to sample much food at other stands as the lines were long and we were flat out on that first day. There was a huge crowd at the Malaysian stand, we ran out of food for food sampling ;) Jackie M brought more food on the second day for food sampling.

I took some time to get more photos on the second day which was Saturday, the crowd on Saturday was bigger. I would say that it was a very successful event for all and I was so glad that I went.
Jackie from Jackie M Malaysian Restaurant
Alvin Quah
Adam Liaw, winner of last year's Masterchef, now an ambassdor for Malaysian Kitchen Australia

Jackie M cooking her char kway teow

SunBeam Kitchen- making cupcakes

Check out the food mural! Fantastic isn't it? It's a Ford Focus! Hope to win a car!

Tea anyone?
I need me one of those to carry all my stuff!


Iron Chef Shellie said...

yay, looks like you had a great time and spotted a few celebs too!

Yummy Stuff said...

Certainly did Shellie, what a shame I didn't get to meet Marion ;( Alvin cheek kissed me, I'm never washing my face again ;) LOL

Yummy Stuff said...

And I was too shy to ask Adam for a pic together and I forgot to take pics of all foodies friends I met... only food pics.. aiyo!

Dolly said...

i went last year and i didnt really ahve much fun :(

chocolatesuze said...

looks like an awesome day at the show! yum yum i would really like some char kway teow right about now

Yummy Stuff said...

Suze, where were u? I met some foodies while I was down for GFWS, I saw that you went ice skating..lovely pic on the paper too! Love the bumble bee hat!

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