Friday, May 7, 2010

Ice Kacang

Photos are courtesy of Karen Choo Photography 2010

Recently, I have been watching Phua Chu Kang and eyeing the ice kacang that Granny always makes for Ah Boy and I was thinking to myself ..... "Wah liao , just wait lah...when I go back to Penang, I am going to hantam all the ice kacang in one sitting! Don't play play....I very kuat makan one, sure can one, no problem, I really missed atap chee !!!"

Errr, I must stop watching PCK for a while... why lah I starting to sound like Kang Kang? Aiyo, I so Ah Beng already!!!

And then ah, my makan kaki, can go and post these photos some more in her Facebook....aiyo!!! Now she is so terror one, can hantam three plates ah? So shiok one! I better book her for Penang food kacang and chendul......that one at the back is rojak lah!!!! Ho Liao!!!! Drooling already...better change pillow case again tonite! Must stop dreaming of food mah!
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