Monday, October 8, 2012

Night Noodle Market Hyde Park, Sydney

It was a very warm Spring evening when hundreds or even thousands descended into Hyde Park for this pop up event, Night Noodle Market which is part of the CRAVE Sydney International Food Festival.


Meals are cooked to order and only the freshest ingredients are used by JackieM Malaysian Restaurant. I can see a lot of other stalls are prepping up for the rush, and the vendors are cooking their meals away whilst hungry and patient patrons line up and wait to order their meals for the evening. For some, the aroma reaches the nose before the foods can reach the mouth. It must be quite torturous, the waiting.



For me, it was worth the wait. After tasting every morsel of the char kway teow which was a generous portion by the way with its fine wok breath, one can almost feel like one have been transported back to the street stalls of Malaysia. I also visited Mamak stall, for my all time favourites; satay. I could happily lived on satays alone if I were to give up carbs...but not tonite ;) because that char kway teow is just stupendous!


And this is exactly what Noodle Night Market is all about. The park is transformed into a Street style hawker center,  just like ones, you see in Asia when you traveled. Here are the various stalls that are participating this year.



Every year, for the month of October, the beautiful City of Sydney brings you CRAVE International Food Festival and the Night Noodle Market has become one of the regular event. Because of its success in the past, this year, the event has been extended to thirteen nights.






I love this event and was sad to leave. I am already planning my next vacation, October next year and I will be staying longer to visit with this beautiful city of Sydney.

*** To note, something quite different for this year; is the Noodle Lounge. For $79.95 per person, this includes your drink on arrival plus full menu – entr矇e, main, dessert and you get to lounge around and catch up with friends after work and eat fabulous hawker fare without the lines. How good is that? Drinks are provided by The Morrison Bar and there is a live jazz music to keep your feet tapping.*****

Where: Hyde Park North

When: October 3-5, 8-12, 15-19; 5-10pm


chocolatesuze said...

love the noodle markets! the atmosphere is always fun and laid back and awesome to go after work

Missy Piggy said...

I'm thinking (if it's not raining) that I'll go check out these markets after work tonight...hopefully it won't be so crowded on a Tuesday night.

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Such a shame we missed you that night! You will have to visit Sydney again soon - and don't forget to stop at Laduree. lol.

YummystuffgoesHere said...

Oh hai hai ;) Yes, was sad to miss you guys, I would have drank you lot under the table...bahahahhaa...years of practice, keeping Defence dry. You're so lucky I didn't drink all your beers. We can meet up next time:) Yes I can't believed it either that I totally forgot about Laduree!!

Quay Po Cooks said...

Your night market there are so pleasant and nice. The food looks delicious.

YummystuffgoesHere said...

Hai hai Quay, thanks for dropping by my blog. Like you I married an angmoh and only started cooking thru married life and due to living overseas. I missed my Malaysian food so much and so had to remember everything my Mum taught me in childhood days. Everything else I sourced from the net. So great to connect with fellow foodies like you.
This event is only once a year and yeah it does look nice and great for the tourists and locals alike. We do have other pop up street style events but not often :( So, it makes us really appreciate the efforts of sponsors and vendors when it does happened. Thanks so much for visiting my post.

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