Monday, April 5, 2010

Chinatown Melbourne

Hi all, I am back in Wagga, went down to Melbourne for a shopping trip, asian grocery shopping to be exact. It was a rather successful trip, I would say.

Anyway, I believed I have lost ten years of my life on Western Ring Road, the advance lane guidance on the TOMTOM navigator is great, but the cars won't give way to me to change lanes... except for this one wonderful 4WD who slowed down to allow me to change lane to exit, he must have noted my indicator, me trying to get to the exit... oh yes, coz everybody was either blind or just plain selfish...........

When we got into inner city, I lost my way so many times even with TOMTOM....yes, it was quite funny! I dreaded the trams but found myself driving next to trams on tram lines so many times and was not the least bit afraid of it till I had to drive into a very narrow single lane into Chinatown alley lane; to get to the hotel carpark. Scary huh? I won't be doing that again too stop, Dickson...less stressful... sorry Melbournians but most of you guys drive like mad hatters and what's up with not giving way and speeding up to not let people change lanes to exit motorway? Yeah, it's real hysterical if you enjoy that kind of sport! You are so lucky this is a food blog or I would be letting out some choice expletives here!!!

Overall, I really enjoyed my Melbourne trip and I love the city life and hope to be back one day...but I will fly next time. I think I can afford the oversized baggage fees for next trip ;) The car was useful to fill up the boot with shopping stuff..

On arrival, I had lunch at Sambal Kampung in Chinatown. I was still shaking from my drive and needed something to calm me down. I was thinking vodka when I handed the keys over to the valet but the stomach was groaning in hunger. So I strolled towards Chinatown from Mercure. It's the best location for Chinatown. As you come out from the hotel, you can see David Jones on your left and Chinatown on the right. Asian Food and oriental galore by your doorstep. Fantastic!

Kung Pow chicken @ Sambal Kampung

At night, we dined at The Louden within the hotel, I was tired from the drive and wanted something small. Darren had a bowl of chips as he was tired too. I had this dish which was Asian crsipy roast duck with raw mango salad. The dressing was light and tangy. I detected mint, chilies and lime juice. It was so yummy and just the right amount to hit the spot.

The Louden Restaurant, Mercure Welcome

I found most of of what I wanted in the one Asian mart called Great Eastern Food Centre on Russell Street, actually I found more than I wanted but I did forget to look for a pressure cooker in Target at mid city mall. Hmmm..I will have to seek that online. Here are some pix of my find...

My dinner tonite at home, Fishball Tom Yum Noodles....slurp!

Dessert was rambutan from a can....ah, what great joy!

As a fellow friend would say "Happiness is a pantry full of Asian grocery!"



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