Sunday, September 30, 2018

Wagga Gears and Beers

Wagga Gears and Beers is an annual event that brings hundreds of riders and tourist from all over to our beautiful city of Wagga Wagga. It is also Spring time on a long weekend with sunny days and beautiful blue skies. It's 19 deg celcius outside now, and I was very tempted to stop and drink at every cider and beer stall...unfortunately, I was the driver and so no alcohol for me this time.. Maybe next year :)

Canola fields for living!

But first, an introductory to what this event is all about.. it's an annual event for riders to come participate and ride in our countryside for charity course. All proceeds are distributed to local charities by the organiser, The Wollundry Rotary Club.

Entry fees for non riders are $10 for adults. It is a great atmosphere with food, local craft beers, ciders and coffee brew with live entertainment till 6pm and it's open to Public as well, not just riders. Please visit and attend this festival, there are plenty of food stalls and endless beers and ciders...(I'm crying on the inside now.....should have save money for taxi..definitely not driving next year!)

The Girls from Batlow

TammyThai- My favourite people

Until next year.. this is me signing off with my Tato Tornado :)

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