Saturday, April 25, 2015

Samsung Innovation Museum and Hwaseong Fortress

Shortly after the lunch, we boarded our bus again to travel to Suwon. In the afternoon, we visited Samsung Innovation Museum. Along the way, we stopped to take some photos of the cherry blossoms in season.

Samsung Innovation Museum is an interesting place to visit. It's an exhibition of Samsung's history of electronics and their vision for the future. We were not allowed to film the video presentation due to copyright issues, but we were allowed to interact with the devices, and to take photos of the display.

I was impressed with the video presentation and would love to live in the futuristic home in that video. I couldn't help but think to myself, whilst watching the presentation, "Hey, I want that.... oh I thought of that too, should have patented it :) .... they are making that already? Ingenius, oh, it so clever, how innovative!"

Some old TVs

Our gorgeous model Stephanie Lim showing us the tiny cam keychain :) 

After the visit with Samsung Innovation Museum, we checked into our hotel and walked to our dinner restaurant which was nearby. Dinner was a delicious seafood buffet. I will be blogging about the Korean food eaten on this trip in a separate blogposts. Shortly after dinner, we hopped back onto the bus again, this time, to drive up to Hwaseong Fortress for some night shots of the fortress. It had begun to drizzle a bit.

As we armed ourselves with umbrellas, all rugged up against the bitter cold and wind, some of us with our scarves on, coats and beanie, we huddled together for some warmth and took lots of photos of the fortress and surrounding areas. 

My night shots were pretty bad, lots of noise in the background due to the high ISO. Oh well, I am still learning. I will get better at this.

To be continued....


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