Sunday, July 29, 2012

Beef Short Ribs

Confession, I am in love with the beef cheeks cooked in "something something" served at Movida Aqui in Melbourne. Today I am trying to replicate the tenderness of the beef. I am using ribs instead of beef cheeks. Okay, I am old, I forgot the name of the sherry or liquer they used.

So, I bought myself some short ribs from Coles, it has eight pieces of short ribs inside and a packet of sauce. If you have a slow cooker, you should follow the instructions on the packet and let it cooked away for six hours.


As for me, I don't own a slow cooker. I do have a pressure cooker though. I googled and learned that, yes, there are others who have cooked their short ribs in a pressure cooker. Sweet!!! That's is excellent news for me. I don't have the patience for a slow cooked meal, six hours...OMG! That would be too long! I would die of starvation by then.

So I threw in the pieces of ribs in the pot, and added the sauce. Then I improvised, I chopped some French Shallots and carrots, threw them all in. Then, I poured in, half a bottle of red wine. Err, and drank the other half, while the beef was cooking.

In less than an hour, I opened it up, to have a sneak peek at the beef. It's fallen off the bones already! The boy came out from his room and exclaimed, "Gross! What is that smell?" And then he sprayed some air freshener in his room. Bahhhahhahahaha. It was the smell of the beef cooking in wine. At least I know he won't be touching the stuff... the vino cabinet, that is!

By now, I realised that I could not spell to save my life whilst waiting dinner to cook, I was instagramming and tweeting. Such a multi tasker, aren't I?

I had to open a second bottle; as apparently the short ribs were better drinkers than I. Must be the pressure cooker, it reduces the liquid, you see. So I pour the wine to cover over the beef again and left it alone for another half hour.

Meanwhile I also baked some veges and made mash potatoes to go with this dish. At Movida, they use cauliflower puree as a bed to sit the beef cheeks on. Today, I am cooking mashies instead of cauliflower, because the boy will eat the mash potatoes and not cauliflower. Wish there is a boot camp that you can send your kids to, and they come home eating all sorts of veges!

Tada..... not Movida Aqui but still super yummy, all up under $20! Not counting the vino, of course :) Now to go feed my face... before I fall off my chair....slurp! Hick!


Sandra M. said...

Very very yummy! I could eat this everyday..great mouthwatering pics! :)

Jackie Brodin said...

Thank you Sandra, was very tender and yummy. It is so easy and fast to cook too.

Shirley Tay said...

Hahaha! U're making me laugh, Jackie. Nice post!

Many restaurants are using beef cheeks instead of other parts when it comes to braising. I was told that's the best part to use. I'm always eating beef cheek braised with red wine but have yet to try making it at home. Your post is asking me to get up & try instead of being lazy. Hahaha!

Jackie Brodin said...

Lol. thx Shirley, was semi pissed off my tree when I blogged this post!

SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa) said...

I love beef cheeks. They cook down to such a rich, soft, meaty mess. Gorgeous!

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