Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sticky Buns

I was first inspired by Selina to make cinnamon rolls ever since she made some few weeks ago and show it off on Twitter and Instagram. So I was dying to make it but was reluctant as I didn't have a breadmaker to make the dough. She kept pestering me to make it by hand. Those of you who know how lazy I am, will know, not a chance... it's not gonna happen. I treasure my sleep and online gaming and free time far too much to be rolling and kneading by hand. It would be so hard and tedious!

And then lo and behold, SBS Feast magazine, published on it's front page for the month of June, you guessed it! Sticky buns... argh! These people, you are killing me...bahahhahah. So I relented, okay, it can't be that hard, looks easy. Piece of cake!

Do you think? O_M_G!!! It was so hard, or is it just me because I am brainless in the baking department? It was comical to say the least. I shall just have to post my instagram story board for you as I was documenting my steps as I go ;)

It all started like this ;) This storyboard was brought to you by me, iphone and Instagram ;:

OMG!!!! How could you?? It's sign!!! Divine Intervention...I must make this ;)

The yeast is growing ....whooohoooo!

2 eggs or 3 eggs? God! I am so confused!

Making the caramel sauce....noms!

House smells divine!
Good God! It was two eggs coz the remainder egg was to brush it at the end... ARGH!!! Foodie Fail!! Why peanuts? Coz I burnt the pecans! Roasted it too long....actually I forgot it was in the oven...bahahhahaha!

Err, come on...... expand you little gidget!!!
And finally, I am skipping the icing frosting coz the caramel sauce is so yummy and I don't really need any more sugar! ;)


And that was how I spent my Saturday morning and part of arvo, playing in the kitchen. ;) I gave my next door neighbour a batch for her afternoon tea and kept one for myself...

Hope you enjoyed my story ;) Bye for now...

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denise, the prime magpie said...

haha - this sounds like me when I'm making something using a new recipe! And I'm glad you shared all the little moments of "whoops" and "let's just swap it!" because this totally happens! Especially with baking, since it's so sensitive to ingredients and when they're added. Cooking and baking isn't perfect, I think the best way to encourage people is to show that you just gotta roll with it!

Jackie Brodin said...

Lol:) it sure was a funny Kodak moment or in this case Instagram :) There was plenty of whoopsie moments!

Jackie Brodin said...

For those wanting a kitchenaid, enter via link above ;) Good lick!

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