Saturday, January 14, 2012

Penang/KL PhotoBlog and cookbook giveaway

A friend tweeted, "ain't nothing like a bunch of girlfriends holidaying together".

I said, "Amen, ain't that the truth!" The four of us had a ball in Penang and promised to reunite again in two years in another Asian destination for a week of another gastronomic adventure. I found that four days and three nights was a bit of a rush this time around, but we managed to capture the best of Penang street food eats as much as we could. No one surrendered and we were just awesome in our foodie holy grail, such troopers we were!

The street foods in Penang are just superb. It is second to none. No five stars hotel or Michelin restaurants could ever replicate the experience and taste of street food dining. The taste and the smell, the noise and the atmosphere, you will have to visit Penang to experience this for yourself.

Oh yeah and I totally failed in my resolution, to not eat carbs so much, many a plate of Char Kway Teow and Nasi Lemak was eaten. Sigh. I have resolved that since I can't give up carbs, I had better start exercising as I am sure that I have put on a couple of kilos at least. Hey, it's easily done, okay. Don't judge ;)

In conjunction with this post and my recent visit back to Penang, I have a gorgeous Nyonya cookbook to give away, please share the love of Penang foods and comment below to qualify an entry. This book is a bilingual edition.

I hope that the winner will be able to enjoy some Nyonya cooking at home too with this cookbook.

I fulfilled my bucket list of things to eat while I was there. I didn't get to have a Durian Orchard tour as the local durians are still growing and therefore, no access to the orchard is allowed just yet. That doesn't matter, as we ate plenty enough of other durians till everyone had sore throats, from our body overheating. Should have eaten more mangosteen and drank more water to counter the heaty foods.

Without further ado, here are the photos as promised. I have included some photos from Kuala Lumpur as well. Whilst in Penang, we ate mostly from the street stalls, food court and restaurant. breakfast buffet pix were from Hard Rock Hotel Penang where we stayed at.

Places that we visited

  • Pulau Tikus wet market
  • Nyonya Breeze at Straits Quay
  • Fruit and Spice aka Laksa Shed at Balik Pulau
  • Street stalls at Jalan Kelian, Tanjung Bungah
  • New World Park food court
  • Fishing Village Seafood Restaurant

Please comment below for a chance to win a Nyonya cookbook, will close 24.01.12.  Winner will be contacted via email.


Karen | Citrus and Candy said...

Every time I go back to Malaysia, I kick myself for not searching for Malay cookbooks to take home. Probably cos all my luggage weight is taken up with biscuits lol!

But I'd love to check out that Nyonya book. Nyonya food is my favourite. Can't wait till the next time I go to Malaysia, Penang is number 1 on my list.

Jackie B said...

Karen ;) I forced myself to pack light this time as I fully intended to come home with books, lots of them. Doesn't help when I have loads of CNY cookies to bring back as well. MH didn't penalised me for the extra 1.1 kg ;) which was good of them! Looks like you might win this book if there aren't any other comments...LOL

angevb said...

Whenever I go to Singapore or Malaysia, I always end up buying lots of Malaysian and Nonya cookbooks. However have always posted them home via sea-mail, so if I do end up finding more, I know I still have some room in the luggage for those extra cookbooks. To make sure the book get home not long after I get home, I always go book shopping first.

I absolutely LOVE Nonya kuihs. One of many type of food I miss from Malaysia. Never been to Penang, would love to visit one day and check out their street food scene.

Sky High Boy said...

omg posting all these photos are mean! pure evil :P

Jackie B said...

The winner is Karen of @citrusandcandy Yummy Stuff Goes Here: Penang/KL PhotoBlog and cookbook giveaway

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