Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ghee Hup Nutmeg Orchard

One sunny day in Penang, we went for a drive to Balik Pulau, looking for durian orchards. Unfortunately, none was opened. However they were several durian stalls along the way but we decided to buy ones nearer to home. As we were already in the area, we went up to the Penang Dam for a view. This is also where they hold the annual Dragon Boat Festival. We stumbled across a nutmeg plantation by chance and decided to make an impromptu stop. It was a good decision as we met the friendliest guy, we call him Uncle, he is the owner of the nutmeg plantation. Uncle gave us a tour of his place and a narrative on nutmeg planting. And then there was a quiz, nuh, I'm just kidding you! Good thing too, as I was too busy taking photos, hehehe.

The tour brings me back to my schooldays memories of ecological trips for our science classes. I am always the one left far behind when walking in a group, separated from the group. Even in class, I would never listened as there were other distractions. If this was a horror movie, I would be the first to go...LOL

But this wasn't a horror movie at all and we really enjoyed the little tour so much. He made such an impression on us, he was very hospitable and informative. He also offered us various sampling of nutmeg products such as nutmeg balm, oil, jam and juice. I ended up buying as much as I could as I love Penang nutmeg.

The cold nutmeg drink was very refreshing, then he made us some hot nutmeg tea. I found that to be strong. There were other fruit trees in that place, we spotted durian tree, cloves, jambu air, banana, papaya etc. What a nice place to live. Fruits in abundance. Kind of reminds me of my old house in Bedong, in the rubber plantation, we had fruit trees galore in our backyard. I was forever making lemon squash drinks. Eating papaya and mangoes from our tree. I kinda missed living in Malaysia. Hmmmm! Nostalgia creeps in. Aargh!

Moving on. Here are some of the photos taken during the visit.


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