Thursday, September 8, 2011

Casahana Mooncakes

Oh goodie, guess what arrived for me today?

Many thanks to Donald Kha, this year, I was very lucky to have the good people at Amyson sent me some Casahana mooncakes to review. This is the first time that I have tried snowskin mooncake and I have to say, yes, I am in love with it already. I am having a small piece right now. It's fantastic, just superbly densed paste in sweet potato and very light on the pastry.

When I opened the delivery box, I found these two very beautiful Oriental looking box wrapped tied up with a little good luck coin. How cute are the boxes? I am definitely NOT throwing that out. Will keep my trinkets in it ;) It is just gorgeous! What beautiful presentation boxes, I must say!

I had to take some photos and cut one open to try immediately. Ooops! I guessed I am not sharing that one with you...LOL..It is so good and I am not just saying this me when I say it is Very Shiok!! I am so going to enjoy these lovelies! It taste just amazing! I received the red and the pink boxes from Donald. 

The pink box is called Over The Moon and it consists of
- Oriental Pearl
- Red Yeast Japanese Sweet Potato
- Green Tea Red Bean
- Golden Baked Lemon Tea

My red box is also called Over the Moon ( 4 seasons) consists of 
- Glutinous Rice Yam
- Chrysanthemum Pu Er tea
- Green Tea Apricot
- Azuki Milk

Of course, I haven't tried them all as yet, it's too beautiful to eat but I am going to try one each night during Mooncake Festival. Thank you Donald, you are the best! The mooncakes are spectacular and the flavours, why.. it is just ingenious!!!

I am definitely recommending these mooncakes, psssst to my readers.....if you guys come over, I might share a bit...just a bit! ;) I am just OVER THE MOON with happiness right now... yum yum yum...


Yummy Stuff said...

Trying out the other mooncake flavour tonite, this one is called Oriental Pearl, I think it has white choc inside, certainly taste like it but on reading the ingredients, it has creamy white lotus teams up with macadamia... LOL ;) It's just heavenly!

Jackie B said...

I am loving Matcha Red Bean; it's like WOW!!! Explosion in my mouth, eating a slice of green tea (matcha) mooncake with red bean as the moon. It has sunflower seeds inside... KUACI equals happiness!!!!

Nur Fatiha said...

yummy... azuki milk...

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