Monday, July 4, 2011

Jackie M

So what does one do after helping out with handing out food samples all day at the Malaysian Kitchen stand at the Sydney Good Food Wine Show? Not sure about you guys but I went out for Malaysian food dinner!

For dinner, I decided to try out Jackie M's at Concord. It's a little out of the way but so worth the travel. The food was fantastic. It didn't take away all of my homesickness but it helps a bit as the food is Halal, authentic Malay dishes and freshly prepared. Just like the ones you would get in a kopitiam or at a hawker stall back home.

To start with, I had to have the chicken satays. How can I not? This was the first dish I had when I landed in Kuala Lumpur last year or was it the year before last? It's practically a Malaysian icon!! See, I really need to get home soon. Okay, back to Jackie M, her satays are of generous portions, 4 sticks of juicy, meaty chicken flame grilled to perfection. It has that smoky caramelised meat flavour with hint of lemongrass coming thru. See, in Malaysia, we don't use a brush on the meat as they are grilling, we use a lemongrass stalk as a brush, it is cut like a brush at the tip and that gives it that flavour too. I must also mention that she has a kickass marinade and peanuts sauce. I can't fault her satays. It was tasty!

For my drink, I had to have the chendul. One day I will learn to make that pandan chendul. For now I am happy sipping this drink. It was delicious and I could drink this all day and nite. So nice..missing it already!

And lastly, to finish off, I just had to have the Chef's Special. Hainanese Chicken Rice. This is my all time favourite chicken rice dish in Malaysia. This dish brings back memories of my parents buying us chicken rice from the local kopitiam (coffee shop) in Sungai Petani. Mum would only buy from the one near the bus station, across the street from Doctor Joe's clinic. My mum is a great cook, she cooks all these lovely nyonya dishes and on the days when she doesn't cook, we would placed our orders, chicken rice, kari mee, hor fun etc... That's our version of takeout day. There were no McDonalds for us then, and so much better and yummier too for us.

OMG!! I got sidetracked again, hahhahahah.....okay, back to Jackie M's chicken rice. It is everything a Hainanese chicken rice should be. I like the fragrant rice, the steamed chicken was so delicately poached, it was juicy and tender. I love the kickass ginger chilli sauce. I ate the whole lot, cucumbers and all! LOL..please don't say it is for decoration! Apologies for the photos, taken via iphone 3GS ;(

Thank you to Jackie M for a very lovely dinner and for letting me joined in the fun at Good Food Wine Show in Sydney 2011. It was my first food event and it gave me the chance to see the behind the scenes of what goes on a Malaysian Kitchen stand.

For those who would like to try out Jackie M, her restaurant is located at

85 Major Bays Road, Concord.

Feel free to contact jackie @
She is also available online ordering and catering


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