Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dragon Fruit

If you have ever wondered what a dragon fruit tasted like, just do it! Go ahead and buy one. It's the most delicious incredible tasting fruit I have had! I have always wondered what they tasted like but I was too scared to try it. Even when it was laid out on the breakfast buffet at Concorde KL, I was reluctant to try it. Mind you, I was totally focused on my nasi lemak, so you can't really judge me on that..heheh!

So today, I bought one! I remember months ago, Thangngo from and I were discussing how expensive this fruit was. It was like $5 for each fruit. Ouch!!! Today I grabbed mine for $ cheap cheap? NOT!

Seriously, you have to treat yourself at least once or twice or everyday... just try one. No money back guarantee though but it is delicious, sweet, and juicy. Hard to describe flavour but the texture is similar to kiwi fruit when ripe. This variety that I got was extremely sweet and soft. I actually thought I was getting the white ones like back in the hotel but this was a nice surprise. It's blood red!

So I was told that it is high in fibre, good source of vitamin C and reduces toxins from body...yay for me ;)


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