Friday, December 3, 2010

Zen X

Just a very short post about my dinner at Zen tonite. This is for our work Xmas function. I was not feeling up to Teppanyaki so I ordered ala carte! The others had the Teppanyaki set menu. I reckoned that you needed to be a Ninja to catch all that flying fried rice, bowls and eggs! So don't need the stress right now.......It's Friday, anyone game enough to throw an egg at me, had better be prepared for a flying kick to their head!

So I opted for my sushi and sashimi platter, not much to tell, except that it was not the best sushi, and certainly not the worst either. There could have been a slight improvement, maybe the Sushi rice could have been a little fresher, I reckoned it was a bit stale.

Will come back again for another review next time and order more. See you soon

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