Friday, December 31, 2010

A year that was.

I am hoping that this coming new year will bring more exciting cooking moments for me. I will have my second anniversary in October. Yay for me! I have been reading other food blogs and and realised that we all do the same thing for different reasons. I do think that for a lot of us, my foodies friends on Twitter, it is just because we have bottomless stomach and we blog for the love of the food. I do admire my new found foodies friends who have been doing it for years and are still actively involved and I'm almost ashamed to say that I am talentless compared to them. Yes, I am in awe of you all, just to name a few.

Billy, A Table for Two
Suze, Chocolatesuze
Thang Ngo, Noodlies
Rita, Mochachocolatarita

They support each other and have gatherings at Food Festivals, parks, even during the festive season when they are spending time with family and close friends. I believe that in a way, we are all one big happy hungry family. LOL ;) I love how we continually torment each other with food photos and share stories or new found places.

I have found that, the one thing that makes me, the happiest is when I am cooking or baking. It doesn't matter if it was an epic fail or a success in the kitchen, cooking and taking snapshots of food or just inhaling the aroma of whatever that is cooking awakens my senses, awakens me and this is why I blog about food. It doesn't matter that I am not as famous, YET...hahaha.... just by doing this, it gives me a purpose. A goal. The challenge of the day is not burning down the kitchen ;) so to speak... for me!

So to end, I'm awaiting eagerly for my pie tee mould and rosette mould to arrive from Malaysia. This is what they look like. I bought these moulds on Ebay at Do you remember my jam tarts that I made last year? The pineapple jam tarts? Well, I bought the cookie moulds from this same seller.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!! Wishing you a great year ahead.

Nuttymeg said...

Thanks Ellie, same to you ;) HNY

chocolatesuze said...

awww only just saw this post thanks for the shoutout! and you are definitely not talentless! cant wait to read about your pie tee adventures

Nuttymeg said...

Thx Suze, Icecream maker and pie tee mould arrived today, shiok oredi! Making icecream this weekend, even my little boy Darren is excited and wants cookies and cream icecream first ;)

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