Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wagga Thai House

Couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I had the best lunch ever at Wagga Thai House. Well, the lunch was superb so we had to go back again. And again. And each time I would forget to take a photo of the food because I gobbled it down too fast. This week I made sure that I take at least one photo on my iphone before the food disappeared. This is chicken with garlic and pepper, our absolute favourite.

It's becoming a regular thing for Helena (my work sidekick) and I to go downtown for lunch at least once a week for Thai. For whatever reasons, it seems to calm me and make me zen all over again after a hectic workload. Yes, I get very stressed at work. I have pcs and monitors coming out of my ears!

I used to relieve stress by going to Bunnings at lunchtime to be in the garden nurseries, zen.... and perved at hot looking tradies. Meh! They are on to me I guessed, coz Bunnings moved to other side of town which is too far away from work. DRATS!

So now, my stress reliever is Thai food. Have I mentioned it is super yummo and I am almost tempted not to share this little secret place of mine? But they really do deserved a shout out.

How cute is their menu?

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Jackie B said...

This is cut and paste form Virginia

Hello Virginia, so nice to see you pop by.

Hi Jackie

I came across your blog trying to figure out which Thai restaurant to order takeaway from. We have just moved from Sydney to Wagga and discovering where to eat. Though I have to admit on my first visit to Wagga, while my partner was being interviewed, I had lunch at the 'three chefs' and after tasting their chocolate springs rolls thought I could definitely live here.

I love your photographs - I also enjoy photographing good meals but not with anything near your skill and a little more subtly with an iPhone. But am always disappointed when bowled over by a wonderful meal realise I had forgotten to take a picture. We were in Europe recently and took many food pics - mainly to share with my parents as we often bore each other with favourite meals.

I am off to pick up my chicken with garlic and pepper and look forward to further exploring your blog for food ideas.


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