Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Prawn Laksa

I think I need to go on another chinese grocery run. I checked my pantry and all I found was one jar of Laksa Paste by AYAM Brand.

Oh well, prawn laksa it is then. So I threw in some prawn meat and veges in a pot of boiling laksa soup. Super yummo, excellent for a cold night. I know it is middle of September now and we are in Spring in Australia but the nite is still very cold. So anything soupy with chillies is a plus!

I kinda like this lens by the way, it is very low light in the evening in my house and I love how I can capture this and it doesn't look too bad... tastes good too!


heed said...

Ha - you'll have to come down and visit us just for the grocery stores... that's right no muppet support!

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