Friday, March 12, 2010

Long Live Noodle King!

Recently, I had to run away again and I went out to lunch at my fav hangout. I am so sick of eating at my desk; simply because people don't leave me alone and I end up having to answer calls left, right and centre and before I know it, lunch is over! What is wrong with these people? Don't you guys eat? Or maybe it is just this assumption that we work around the clock? The phone never was driving me batty! I mean..for the love of God, just leave me alone for one goddamned hour!! There... enough ranting done for the day...

So it was nice to just leave the place, you know....go for a drive.....Lunch cost $11.00 and it includes a soft drink. I ordered number 5.... Yup! I just had to stroll in and nod my head at the chief cook and she cooks me my favourite seafood char kway teow... extra spicy!

They do lunch time specials and they also deliver in the evenings, when I came out from hip surgery, I had them delivering almost on a daily basis. Yummy hor fun, roast duck noodle, wonton noodle and kway teow and I love their kung pow chicken, it really kick ass!


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