Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lemon Meringue Pie

Happy Birthday Daniel!!!!

Today is Dan's birthday and we wished him a very Happy Birthday ;) His missus, Tanya has made him a lemon meringue pie for his birthday. That's fantastic, that's unusual. Me very likey....we would like to welcome Tanya and thank her for her contribution and also to Exclusively Food for this recipe.

Tanya got this recipe from the blog site 

I want one too... have I mentioned that I love meringue pie?

I might try the recipe some time in the next few weeks presently busy with Chinese New Year myself...but in the meantime, here is the first photo of the meringue just out of oven.

More to follow.....sliced photo to be uploaded tonite ;)

Photos are courtesy of Tanya Pearce.


heed said...

Grats on accomplishing breeding Tanya - this is where everything changes!!

Nom nom nom!!! If only I could be arsed making meranguies (sp?) - the bakery here does awesome ones...

Nuttymeg said...

Dude, what are you on? Well, I don't know about your Uranquinty bakery...Prove it! I think that calls for another morning tea at work..winks ;)

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