Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Lunar New Year all ;)

Gong Xi Gong Xi!!!!

This is a belated post....I didn't do anything special this Chinese New Year which fell on 14 February this year but I did get into the spirits of things with my Facebooks friends and fans and I want to thank Tiffany for sharing her CNY photos with me ;)

Yup, it is pretty miserable to be away from family and good friends at this time of the year but I was back at work after Xmas hols and Darren is back in school now and so Facebook is pretty much, it!

Let me start by sharing with you these photos...

I also went to DealsDirect online to purchase a steamboat for next year....maybe I can get some friends to come over for a steamboat feast next year????

I was very excited to find Char Siew Pao in the supermarket. It was very ninja of me to find them...hahahaah. I had these pao for my new year lunch, very festives of me!

Anyway, back to these CNY snacks, these photos are courtesy of Tiffany, thank you Tiff ;) How good were those tarts eh? I could definitely finish all these snacks in one sitting!!


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